4 Things to do if You Are Upside-Down on Your Mortgage in Nebraska

If you are upside-down on your mortgage in Omaha, Nebraska, there are a few things you can do to help get out of the situation. Selling your house fast for cash is one option that could be beneficial. This could help you avoid foreclosure and keep your credit score intact. Other options include refinancing, loan modification, or selling through a real estate agent. Each of these options has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to consider all of them before making a decision. In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option and provide tips on how to sell your Omaha house fast for cash.

Homeowners can find themselves in a difficult financial situation if they have overpaid for a property due to bidding war, or have failed to keep up with mortgage payments, or if property values have gone down. This can lead to the mortgaged debt being higher than the market value and is commonly referred to as being “upside-down” on your mortgage. If you are in a situation where you must sell your house due to circumstances, it is understandable to feel pressured and not want to make any costly mistakes. Doing research and exploring all the possible options can be beneficial in making sure you make the best decision for your particular situation.

When it comes to making a serious decision such as handling an upside-down mortgage in Nebraska, it’s important to be well informed before taking any action. Here, we’ll discuss four things you can do in order to make the most of this situation. So, let’s take a closer look!


If you are facing a financial challenge due to your mortgage in Nebraska, the first step is to understand the exact situation you are in. You need to know how much you owe on your mortgage, for which contacting your lender is essential. Additionally, getting a professional appraiser to assess the exact numbers would be beneficial.

Bronte Companies Property Solutions is here to take away the hassle and help you make an informed decision when it comes to your home. Our team of professionals will conduct a comparison between what you would earn from listing vs. our offer to buy your house for cash, as-is, and you wouldn’t have to worry about any preparation, cleaning or repairs. At Bronte Companies Property Solutions, our buyers are very experienced in assessing items and supply full details to ensure that any offers we make are fair so you will feel good about doing business with us in the future.

Short Sale

Facing difficulty with paying your mortgage can be stressful, however, it is important to weigh all the options before taking action. Short sale is often the most preferred solution as it generally has fewer repercussions than filing for bankruptcy or a foreclosure on your credit record. Bronte Companies Property Solutions welcomes professional buyers and experienced negotiators who are able to settle on a short sale with your lender. With our professional buyers, selling a home in Nebraska is made much easier and convenient.

Pay the Difference

If you’re facing foreclosure in Nebraska, one possible solution is to offload the property and use the funds from the sale to settle any outstanding mortgage debt. This will bring you up-to-date with your loan and help close down the balance. Selling directly to professionals like Bronte Companies Property Solutions is an easier and cost-effective solution to selling your Nebraska house. With them, you get a reasonable price for your property and don’t have to pay huge real estate fees. Moreover, their process is totally transparent and you can trust that you will be treated fairly throughout. When you use Bronte Companies Property Solutions services, you won’t be charged any additional fees thanks to the full-service in-house team. Moreover, no closing costs are paid by you and there’s a promise of fast and guaranteed day for the closing process. To ensure the best timing for your closing, you can consult your Bronte Companies Property Solutions buyer for advice on the most suitable calendar date.

If you need to sell your property and you’re in financial difficulty, Bronte Companies Property Solutions is the best choice. Our experienced buyers will take the time to listen to you and figure out a solution that works for you. We prioritize our sellers and make sure they get the help they need in Nebraska. If you have any questions or worries regarding the direct sale of your Nebraska house, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to assist. Bronte Companies Property Solutions takes pride in providing tailored and individualized solutions to Nebraska sellers, one property at a time. We strive to offer the best of services to all the members of our local community, both as neighbors and business partners. If you’re thinking about selling your house, it’s worth talking to a professional buyer from Bronte Companies Property Solutions to find out more about the benefits of a direct sale. It won’t cost you anything and there is no obligation to proceed. Call Bronte Companies Property Solutions at 402-500-0477.